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About the ACCA Qualification

If you are thinking of studying for your ACCA qualification, find out more about the key points of the qualification here.

To qualify as an ACCA member, you will need to complete:

  • exams – a minimum of five of 14 exams (nine are eligible for exemption*)
  • experience – record 36 months’ experience in a relevant role
  • ethics – the Professional Ethics module.

*Nine of the exams which are part of the qualification will not need to be taken if you have other relevant qualifications at the same level. You will need to provide proof of your previous qualifications so you can claim exemptions.

For more detailed information, visit the ACCA website where you can register as a student and check if you are entitled to any exemptions

Contact the ACCA

Telephone: +44 (0)141 582 2000
Address: ACCA Connect, 2 Central Quay, 89 Hydepark Street, Glasgow, United Kingdom, G3 8BW

The exams are detailed below:

Fundamentals Professional
Knowledge Module Essentials Module
F1 – Accountant in Business P1 – Governance, Risk and Ethics
F2 – Management Accounting P2 – Corporate Reporting
F3 – Financial Accounting P3 – Business Analysis
Skills Module Options Module (2 to be completed)
F4 – Corporate and Business Law P4 – Advanced Financial Management
F5 – Performance Management P5 – Advanced Performance Management
F6 – Taxation P6 – Advanced Taxation
F7 – Financial Reporting P7 – Advanced Audit and Assurance
F8 – Audit and Assurance
F9 – Financial Management

You are also required to complete three years relevant work experience. You can gain your practical experience before, during or after you complete your exams

As part of your ethical development, you are required to complete the Professional Ethics Module.
This will give you exposure to a range of ethical perspectives and includes several self-tests which require you to reflect on your own ethical behaviour and values.
The module becomes available to you online when you become eligible to take Paper P1.

The minimum entry requirements for the ACCA Qualification are:
  • Two A-Levels and three GCSEs (or their equivalent)
*These need to be in five separate subjects including English and maths.
Please visit the ACCA website to find out more information

If you don’t have the minimum entry requirements listed above, you can still join ACCA to study accounting as a student, but you will need to start your studies with the Foundation-level qualifications – Foundations in Accountancy.

Visit the ACCA website for full details.

Once you have completed the Diploma in Accounting and Business in the Foundation Level qualifications, you can then transfer over to the ACCA qualification and will have earned exemptions from the first three papers.

ACCA offers exemptions from the ACCA Qualification and Foundation Level qualifications to students who have studied other relevant qualifications.
This means you can start your studies at a level that is consistent with the knowledge and skills gained from prior learning and provides you with the quickest route to ACCA membership.

Becker – ATC International does not award exemptions – this is done directly by ACCA.

You can check if your prior education entitles you to any exemptions on the ACCA website through the exemptions database

Registering to become an ACCA student

You can register online to become an ACCA student at any time of the year.  You can do this on ACCA’s website

Registering for your exams

The easiest way to enter for a paper-based exam is online on the ACCA’s website in the myacca section

How long does it take to qualify?
The length of time it takes to qualify is flexible – you must complete the qualification within ten years. You can take a maximum of four papers at each sitting (twice a year) and combine this with working full time, gaining your practical experience. The average student takes between three and four years but depending on your exemptions and working experience, it could be a little as one or two years.

Exam Entry Deadlines

June Exams December exams
8 March Early Entry (online only) 8 September Early Entry (online only)
8 April Standard Entry (online and paper) 8 October Standard Entry (online and paper)
8 May Late Entry (online only) 8 November Late Entry (online only)
You will need to pay exam entry fees as well as an annual subscription as an ACCA student.

Exam Entry Fees

The earlier you register for your exams, the cheaper it is for you.  It’s always best to check on ACCA’s website for the most up-to-date fees

Exam Entry Period December 2014 exams June 2014 Exams
Exam fee per paper Exam fee per paper
Knowledge Early £69 £71
Standard £74 £76
Late £225 £231
Skills Early £87 £90
Standard £93 £96
Late £245 £252
Professional Early £100 £103
Standard £108 £111
Late £259 £266


Studying for your ACCA qualification with Becker – ATC International

Live Classroom Courses

We provide a flexible range of classroom courses to help students prepare for their ACCA exams.  Choose your nearest centre from the list below to find out the options available and to download course timetables and enrolment forms:

Becker – ATC International also works in partnership with many tuition providers around the world delivering high quality ACCA programmes.

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Online Learning

We offer ACCA students a range of online learning packages so you can be assured that there is a course to suit your learning style. We pride ourselves on developing state-of-the-art learning tools to support you in your studies and to help maximise your chances of success.

Our state-of-the-art Interactive eBook provides you with a unique learning tool providing integrated lectures from subject specialist tutors as well as interactive question practice and annotation tools.

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Study Materials

Becker Professional Education offers colleges and training companies, as well as individual ACCA students, the opportunity to study using our ACCA Approved Content materials.

Our ACCA and DipIFR materials have been awarded ACCA Approved Content Providers for December 2014 onwards under the new ACCA content approval programme. As an ACCA Approved Content Provider, our materials have undergone a thorough assessment by ACCA’s examining team to ensure they are of the highest quality and meet all ACCA Learning outcomes providing students with the best resources for success.

Our study materials are available as eBooks or as printed hard copies.

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Becker is an ACCA Approved Content Provider that delivers Accountancy materials and study support

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